Dear Sir or Madame I want to do my masters degree in an english language, therfore I need to write a motivation letter.

I wanted to ask for the favor to correct my letter or give me advises.

Thank you very much

Motivation Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,
I would like to apply for the Master’s Degree in International Finance at the HWR Berlin School of Economics and Law starting October 2013.
I studied Economics at the HWR and graduated last semester.
I would like to continue my education in order to gain better knowledge and to get specialized in International Finance.
“”Why International Finance?” Due to the fact that I studied Economics I earned a lot of theoretical experience in Finance. I had lectures like “Investment and Financing”, “National and international financial relations” and “Finance II”. And I got in touch to Risk management for the first time during my internship 2011 in Peru , where I participated extracurricular at a course of Risk based Audit at one of the most prestigious universities in Peru. Since then, my interest was piqued to risk management, which I want to expand with the module “Financial Risk Management” at your Program.

The HWR has not just good reputation but also very competent and qualified professors.
From an early age I became aware how important internationality is for my future and that’s why I chose to study at the HWR . Another reason is that the master’s program is completely in English, which nowadays is a key criterion to be set in an international Enterprise. Due to the current situation of the word economy, Germany is and always was a country with prestige, which brought me over to do my master’s degree in Germany and not in another country.
My goal in the near future is to attain a management position in an International Bank or an International Organization. Therefore I would like to gain in-depth theoretical knowledge in tools and skills for understanding financial markets.

I am certain that my previous studies, my ability to work, my great curiosity and strong interest in international Finance makes me a high suitable candidate for this Master-program at the HWR.

Thank you for considering my application, and I would be delighted to get a positive decision from you.
Yours sincerely