This system offered by is based on two clear ideas of statistics.

  • likelihood that a football match would end with more than 1.5 goals (over 1.5 ).
  • mean time of marking of the first goal in a football match.

In last season in most political parties over 1.5 goals (over 1.5 ): Eredivizie – the Netherlands, Premier League – England, Bundesliga -Germany, La Liga – Spain, Series A – Italy (league known with goals relatively few).
Mean time when he joined first goal is the minute 22. has developed a strategy which helps us to take advantage of these statistics. Therefore we are interested in market under/over 1.5. In general, the matches in these leagues will starts with odds ranging between @3.6 – 6 for back/lay under 1.5 goals.

This system , is supposed to trade Lay under 1.5 in the market over/under 1.5 goals to odd ( @) 3, in the first half, when the bet it will be marked between 16 – 24 minutes. If scored one goal until the bet is marked, the match is no longer of interest to us.

We have 3 solutions:

  1. They scored two goals in the first half.

  2. At half-time the score is 1-0 or 0-1.

  3. At half-time the score is 0-0.

  1. If they scored two goals in the first half means you’ve won the bet.

  2. At half-time the score is 1-0 or 0-1

    It’s scored an goal until half-time, you’ll wait the next goal in the second half.

    1. In the second half, they not scored the second goal until the odds reaches Back “under/over 1.5 goals” to @2 (about in 75 minutes) you’ll need to exit the market.
      Here we have two cases:

      • first when the game ends with one single goal and we will lose about 55% of the amount at risk (shown in liability);
      • the second is when they scored one goal after you got out of the market (above 75 minutes)

    2. At half-time the score is 0-0

      If the half time score is 0-0, you’ll need to exit the market, click Back under 1.5, at the odd existing at the time, the same amount as the one I bet a primary.
      This system give a chance in the second half if they will no score two goals you’ll lost and if they will score two goals you’ll not win anything.

  3. They scored two goals in the first half


    You need to score two goals between 20 -73 minutes to win the bet, and if they score after 75 minutes you not win and not lose. You know, over 80% of football matches have more than two goals.


    This system hasn’t high risks, the amount that you’ll risk an actual loss is approximately the same amount that you’ll win, applied correctly, we risking 1.2 units to 1 unit profit. We believe it is a risk rate / profit very good considering the large number of matches that end with more than two goals.

    Match Selection.

    Selection of matches that you will trade on this system will find in heading football trading.

    Please help me where I'm wrong. My English is not so good."

    Thank you