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    Mindboggling -case of however and semi colons...

    In several different writings, by several authors, I have seen however preceded with a semi colon, but I am unsure if this structure is set in stone (similar to using a comma before "but" and "because"). Following are two of my sentences and I am unsure how to use however correctly.

    "Unlike academic achievements however, passion—the drive to improve—is an inherent trait of an individual’s core."


    "My income brought stability and positive changes at home; however, my relationship with education has since taken several unexpected turns and has brought many hard lessons."

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    Re: Mindboggling -case of however and semi colons...

    Your sentences are correctly punctuated.

    When 'however' begins a clause, it is preceded by a semicolon or a full stop.

    I don't know why you believe that 'using a comma before "but" and "because" is set in stone'. It most certainly is not.


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