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Some people think that parents should teach children how to be good members of society. Others however, believe that school is the pace to learn this. Discuss both of these views and give your own opinion.

The conviction about the family is responsible to teach their kids to be a favourable citizen in community is generally true. However, the educative institutions are the proper place for children to practice that knowledge with their classmates and teachers. Values such as responsibility and honesty are taught in each home; furthermore the school is the place where always the kids can show how responsible or how honest they are.

Parents are frequently concern about their children’s future life. This concern makes the parents to teach some values in order to become their infants better members into a community group. As an instance the parents may teach the responsibility value, which means to complete their duties in the correct place and time. Therefore that responsibility principle is practiced in social groups as school, which encourage the kids to follow a better behaviour daily.

The family also used to show the great value of being honest. Honesty is about to tell the truth and it is important to have a good behaviour in society. Parents teach the kids to tell always the truth, but also that sincerely feeling is used in the closest place where children act as society’s member, the school. In that place the children can prove the principles that are thought at home. Also teacher and directors help in the process to improve those habits.

In conclusion, being a proper community member it is a melting duty between family and school. It is a family duty to teach the concepts and practice in a small scale; while practicing that concepts and helping to improve it is school’s responsibility. The more synchronized family and school are, the best citizen they are forming.