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    i am new of this site . i want to improve my english language through this site
    I have probelm is that i can't communicate my expression easily due to the language problem and sometime i write one thing but meaning is different . i hope that you will help me .

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    Re: hi

    Jguragain, welcome to the forum. A lot of comunciation problem has to do with the person's attitude- the more negative your atitude, the more it will affect the way you speak. For instance, I understood your post perfectly.

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    Re: hi

    thanks alot for your kind coopreation . could you help me how to keep in touch with all memebers of this fourm . I don't have idea because i am new in this site .

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    Smile Re: hi

    Jguragain, I'm the freshman too, let's learn together, make progress!

    Tdol, I seen many post replies of yours, it's so helpful for me, and just say thanks to you.

  1. matilda

    Talking Re: hi

    my dear frinds

    Using this site is not as difficult as you think. i'm not very old in this site , but i could find everything i need in it.
    first of all, you can use ( ask a teacher) in order to ask your questions and be sure if you don't say your question in a correct way, one of the ones who answers you will 1-send you the correct form of your question 2- answer your question correctly, ( as it happened to me before) .
    and be sure that all of us are here to improve our English, one with asking questions , one with answering them , and others with reading the questions and answers.
    If you have ny problem in Grammer, you can use the part ( articles) that you can see the icon at the top of this page.
    if you go to the first page, ( home page ) , in the left margin, you can see an icon named (search site ) there is a space under it that you can inter the topic you want to search in it.

    this was all the things i remembered to mention. but i'll be glad to answer your other questions , if YOU like.

    hope that helps


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    Re: hi

    thank alot i will send you if i have any quaries


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