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    Please help me check my Motivation letter of PhD's program. Thanks for your kindhelp

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    In my life, my father is the first and unique person who affected to the forming of my point of view and other awareness in my life. One of his statement that engraved on my heart is “Have to try your best in every circumstances whether it will be successful or not. The life never defies the devoted person who has the real passion”. It became my guideline and gave me the power to overcome all challenges in my life. I did, and I enjoyed sciences when I was in secondary school. It was a reason for why I got an engineer degree of the Environmental Technology major in XXX, and almost finish a Master course of Biological application in Environment in XXX.

    Getting better conditions for researching, learning more experiences from others, come up with the higher technologies of the developed countries, enjoying traveling, and learning other cultures, customs are almost reasons for me would like to apply PhD program from XXX. I believe that my chosen profession will help me carry out my desire in science research with many successes and at the same time, I have a chance to make friendship with all friends from the different countries.

    As you can see from my Curriculum Vitae, all of my academic and professional experiences are concerned with research areas. I desired all life sciences majors from secondary and high school, so I gained many prizes and scholarships during that period, such as “The second prize for the excellent pupil in Biology research” and annual school scholarships. Continuing to seeking science, I chose becoming an engineer of Environmental Technology after graduating from university with good grade and attained the third prize of student research and some scholarships from Japan and my university. Finding a scholarship from XXX laboratory was a wise decision that gave me many better opportunities in study and research. In here, I studied and developed the new culture method to coax the fastidious microorganisms from environments to laboratory, and modified to choose the effective species that have ability for degrading oil components in oil-contaminated soil. After completing Master’s course in XXX, I want to enroll PhD’s course to study more specialized in Biological application in environment field.

    From school to university, I am always conscious that no success without passion and creativity. “The more detailed plans, the more we know what we have to do and how to make it happens” is also my own guideline in my life and work. When I was in university in XXX, I had two years experience in research about using cyclic leachate in waste domestic water treatment in Institute of Environmental Technology and Biological Technology, XXX Academy of Science and Technology . In this period, I did not only concentrate on research of technologies but I joined some works related to environmental management also. The evidence for this is the participating a campaign of classified rubbish to guide and help people how to classify before discarding into environments.
    Now, I am studying Master program at XX University in XXX. I am joining into two projects: one is about developing culture method for unculturable bacteria and other one is about bioremediation. By devising detailed schedule for each plan, I obtained some initial good results such as the one paper has published online, the four others have submitted. Moreover, I participated in some XXX conferences with many posters as my results gained from study and research. I awarded one prize for excellent poster from International Meeting of the Federation of XXX Microbiological Societies in 2011.

    The passion in research promotes me to seek PhD program at Adelaide University. I chose it because is consistently ranked among the top 1% of universities in the world and Australia’s third oldest university with a strong reputation for excellent education and research. I found many benefits and good environments for my living and study in the near future.

    My main goal in PhD course is to gain more experiences, come up with the higher technologies in the world, highly specialized knowledge and expertise to get more successes in research area. Therefore, I would like to study all majors related to my interests in Environment and Biology. Natural environment has polluted by many activities at more and more serious level, so I concern and seek to find the more feasible applications of Biology for it. Firstly, I schedule to develop a new method for culturing organisms from variety of environments and then optimize their living conditions in polluted environments using pollutants as their growing nutrients. Resulting in one or several effective species that benefit in environmental treatment is the one of goal in my PhD research.

    To work well in any field, motivation, enthusiasm ingenuity, maturity, independence and adaptability are almost all characters needed in general works. In particular, a researcher needs to be more creative and initiative in any situations. I believe on my self with all qualities that I have learned and accumulated since I met the enjoyableness at science. Other part-time jobs when I was student also assist me in later research. As a tutor role for secondary and high school in Math, Chemistry, Physic and Biology, it helped me to maintain and practice my memory about natural sciences. At the same time, I worked at a restaurant for foreigner. In there, I had an opportunity to communicate in English and learn other cultures and customs of many countries. In Korea, beside my study, I have trained as leadership by teaching a group of high school and undergraduate students. Making schedules, assigning task to each person and guiding them how to carry out each goal are my tips in my working skills. Day by day, I enhance ability to make sound judgments and highest responsibility for my self and my works also.

    As you know, my home country, Vietnam is beautiful country with plenty of resources but we have not escaped from the poor in all aspects of the life. Vietnamese students like me always want to try my best to find the better ways for study, one of the best ways is go to the developed countries to comprehend the best things. After that, when coming back my home country, I hope that I can contribute my effort with other people together to help my country overcome the current difficulties.

    As we know, “luck” and “effort” are two important factors for making successes. I can do everything to make my “effort”. I cannot create any luck for my life but the life divides it equally to everybody. I always encourage myself to overcome when I withstand stress and face challenges. With all above, I believe that I am a good candidate of Adelaide Scholarship International. If I become a scholar, I am confident to commit for studying and working well and obey every regulation of Adelaide University as Scholarship Grant.
    Please contact me at anytime because I am waiting for good news from you.
    Thank you very much for your valuable time and your kind consideration.

    Best regards,
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