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    Present Perfect VS Present Perfect Continuous

    Hey,there! I need your help guys! There's one question that has always confused me.
    Some grammar books say that the Present perfect is used in order to emphasize that the action is permanent or lasts for a long time. F.E: I've lived here for many years. And the Present perfect continuous describes the temporary action, that doesn't last for a long time. F.E: I've been living here for a year. But, there is a problem. I've got another grammar book(Murphy) and it says that when we ask or say how long the action lasts, the present perfect continuous is more usual: She's been doing the same job FOR 20 YEARS. She has been living in Paris FOR A LONG TIME. that's why I've got a question in my head: Does the usage of the present perfect continuous include both permanent and temporary actions or maybe it is proper to use it ONLY for temporary events? I need your professional advice. Thanks in advance

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    Re: Present Perfect VS Present Perfect Continuous

    Welcome, ilya.

    Your excellent thread title has enabled the forum's software to find some Similar Threads (see below).

    Please read those first and come back to us if you are still confused.


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