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    as he had many times

    Is "said" omitted in "as he had (said) many times" as the past perfect?

    41)My parents had gone shopping. As I stood alone in Mom and Dadís bedroom and my grandmother was napping in another part of the house, I noticed a box of matches on my Dadís bedside table. As I picked up the box, I could hear in my mind my fatherís voice saying
    as he had many times, ďDonít play with matches!Ē Behind the table were lovely white curtains. I wondered what would happen if I struck a match and touched the curtain quickly. When I did it, a small hole appeared in the curtain. I was horrified and quickly hid the curtain
    behind the table. ďMaybe they would never see it,Ē I thought. That night as I got in bed

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    Re: as he had many times


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