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    There Is Worry That

    This question is about the noun 'worry' in the possible pattern 'there is worry that....' used in a new article:

    "Many party leaders expressed worry that the party’s presidential candidates faced a tough course without some fundamental shift in the political dynamic."

    I found the 'there is concern that ....' pattern, where 'concern' is a noun, in my dictionary. But I cannot find the 'there is worry that...' pattern in the dictionary. Did the author forcefully pretend that 'worry' = 'concern' and hijack the 'there is concern that...' pattern and used the pattern on 'worry'?

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    Re: There Is Worry That

    not a teacher

    I'm not sure how one of the teachers might respond to this.

    There would be no need for the author to "forcefully pretend" that "worry" = "concern", there are many cases in which they are more or less synonymous.
    "His struggling business is a major source of worry/concern for him".
    "Do you have any concerns/worries about the upcoming exams?"

    Although, I believe "expressed concern that" would be the more common form in the context you've provided.

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