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    Post Request Your to Evaluate IELTS Tourism Essay

    Some people say that tourists should follow local customs of host country while others say that there is no need for them to do so as they are guests.
    Discuss both the views and express your opinion.

    In today's contemporary world international tourism and expedition have become ubiquitous. Some people believe that while traveling to a different country they should be cautious in their behavior and attire and respect local customs. However, many argue that such obligations might spoil their expedition nostalgia.

    Numerous people support the idea “When you are in Roam, do as Romans do”. In many visited countries the natives have traditions which they expect their visitors to respect, and if their visitors do not follow their valued customs then they feel offended. For example, in India to wear footwears and figure flaunting clothes in temples is taboo. Also, some tourists believe following local customs and wearing host countries’ attires enrich the travel experience, as they are not alienated and learn more about the host country.

    Perhaps, many argue that following all the traditions of the travelled country is not feasible, and hence they should be liberated from following such customs as they are not habitual to the local doings. Moreover, they believe if they are over indulged in learning local traditions they might not get enough time to visit places and spoil their overall travelling experience. Furthermore, there are many customs which are difficult to follow and hence tourists may be pardoned by not following them.

    To recapitulate, I strongly believe that tourists must be obliged to value the traditions of the host county and try to follow them where eve possible. However, they must not over indulge themselves in learning visited countries’ traditions and spoil their travelling experience.

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