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    what does "tip" mean here?

    That kind of depends on whether you’re busy thinking or busy exercising. Your heart works up to three times harder during exercise, and shifts enough blood over a lifetime to fill a supertanker. But, in the long run, your brain probably tips it, because even when you’re sitting still your brain is using twice as much energy as your heart, and it takes four to five times as much blood to feed it.

    What does "tip" mean here? Is it naturally used here?



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    Re: what does "tip" mean here?

    The supertanker. Your heart fills it with blood, but your brain overfills it and causes it to sink.

    It's not very natural to me. It's a strange metaphor. I would use "sink" as I did above. Boats don't "tip" where I come from. They might "capsize."

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    Re: what does "tip" mean here?

    It could be a typo/thinko for "tops it". Your brain tops the heart for the amount of blood used.

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