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    You are such a pain.

    What does "you are such a pain" or "you are being such a pain" mean?
    When do you use this?

    I heard this idiom in a TV program where one person is joking in a serious situation and the other wants the person to stop joking.

    Do you use this idiom in a more provocative manner?
    For example, do you say 'you are such a pain' when you quarrel or fight with someone?
    Or, 'such a pain' is used only for those who are close to you?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: You are such a pain.

    Hello your question is quite interesting. I'd like to know too.
    Where are you from? I'm from Thailand.

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    Re: You are such a pain.

    A pain is something that is very annoying -- and you are very glad when it goes away. So, if a person is "being a pain", it means they are annoying you and you want them to shut up or go away.

    A longer expression, that means the same thing, is: "You're a pain in the neck." A less polite version -- which you should only use if you are certain you won't cause offence -- is: "You're a pain in the ass."

    It's a little bit too weak to use in a more provocative manner. But it is rude enough that you wouldn't normally say it to a stranger. It's used when people are being mildly annoying.

    My family had an expression they used whenever someone sat in front of the television so that nobody else could see. They would say, "We know you're a pain, but we can't see through you." This is a play on words: the word "pane" means a sheet of glass.

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