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    listening to NPR

    I cannot figure out some words while listening to a clip of the Hourly Newscast program from NPR.
    Could someone please be kind enough to help me by filling out the three blanks of the last paragraph?
    Thanks in advance.

    Below is the URL of the related audio clip of 5 minute, MP3, 1114KB

    A month long standoff in Senate over renewing surveillance powers, the Patriot Act, appears to come to an end. An attempt to filibuster today failed to stop the plan for vote on final passage of the Patriot Act renewal by the end of the week.
    NPR’s DW has more.
    The bipartisan group of Senators that held up the Patriot Act renewal late last year, was largely mollified by a separate compromise legislation that added several civil liberty protections.

    Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy was one of 95 senators who voted for this changes, but did not (0'34")___________ entirely satisfied.
    So I’m glad to make some progress while I have to admit to being disappointed at missing an opportunity to get right.
    Three democrats and one independent voted against a compromise on Patriot Act, but they failed to muster enough votes to block the final vote with filibuster. But the House has yet to vote on the comprise bill. House GOP leaders refused to do so. (0'59")___________________________final passage of Patriot renewal. DW, NPR news, the Capitol.


    An American oil worker and five others who have been held hostage by militants of Nigeria have been set free. Macon Hawkins, a diabetic from Texas, was the first to be released today, his 69 birthday. Hawkins was released to reporters who visited his capturer's stronghold. Reporters took him to Nigeria military. Nine foreign oil workers were kidnapped almost two weeks ago in Nigeria oil rich Niger Delta. Three other hostages including two other Americans and a British national remain in captivity.

    Hundreds of hurricane evacuees who have being living in two cruise ships in New Orleans began leaving today. The ships have been serving as a place to stay for most police and first responders who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina. The two ships returned to service with (3'41")_______________________. The third ship remains docked while evacuees fight to stay there. A federal judge is expected to rule by Friday.

    German officials say a domestic cat has died of Asian bird flu. The cat thought to have been infected by eating an infected bird. NPR's RN reports.
    The dead cat was on Baltic Sea Island RG in the north Germany just south of Sweden. It is not the first time the Asia bird flu virus called H5N1 has infected cats. Two years ago, at leas two cats in one household in Thailand died after eating infected chicken. That was the first time any flu virus has been known to infect cats; then more than 100 tigers in zoos in Thailand either died or were put to death after getting H5N1 infections from eating infected chicken.
    The bird flu virus is also known to infect pigs and felids but natural infection in mammals including humans have been uncommon. RN, NPR news
    And I'm Giles Snyder, NPR news in Washington.

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    Re: listening to NPR

    1 they did not leave him...
    2 it could throw in doubt the...
    3 Carnival Cruise Lines (name of company)

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    Re: listening to NPR

    thank you very much, tdol

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