One of the most vital stages of human life is childhood. In this period, Children learn to develop certain skills that can be very useful in their phase of adulthood. Hence it is very important for their parents to utilize their children time to get ensured about their maximum output.
This topic is quite controversial for certain circumstances. Many people claim that, now a day’s children get so overloaded with their studies, they require some free time to be spent for them self in playground or in a movie hall. It is well agreed to the above fact, but the time to spent in “play ground and movie hall” can be used in much organized and trained way. For example instead of playing street cricket, they can be enrolled in proper cricket training club, where children can enhance their skills in cricket or instead of baseless movie they can be encouraged to watch something which has a moral and from where they can learn something interesting or can develop their imagination.
Only conclusion, I can give in this context is parents and the guardian need to be little more organized and methodical than before. They should plan their children routine in much efficient way. Proper eye should be kept on the children to know that the routine planned for them is being effective and so the children are enjoying it. Special care should be taken in planning the routine in the view that the entire schedule planned for the children are not becoming a tedious task for a child.

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