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    feel less confined

    Poet William Stafford once said that we are defined more by the detours in life than by the narrow road toward goals. I like this image. But it was quite by accident that I discovered the deep meaning of his words.
    For years we made the long drive from our home in Seattle to my parentsí home in Boise in nine hours. We traveled the way most people do:the fastest,shortest easiest road,especially when I was alone with four noisy,restless kids who hates confinement and have strong opinions about everything.
    Road trips felt risky,so I would drive fast,stopping only when I had to. We would stick to the freeways and arrive tired.

    Q: Why did the author use to take freeways to her parentsí home?
    B. It would be faster and safer
    C. Her kids would feel less confined

    The answer given is B. I cannot find the clue of being "safer".

    Is C acceptable based on the underlined sentence?

    thanks for your help!


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    Re: feel less confined

    The kids are just as confined whether you take the freeway or not.

    It is the length of confinement that is reduced by taking the freeway. Hence, "faster." I am not sure where "safer" comes into it. Driving fast and taking infrequent breaks isn't very safe, but I guess the author felt safe.

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    Re: feel less confined

    Is the first paragraph your opinion, Jason? I mean, do you like the image? Or is this part of the text you are analysing? There's an easy way to prevent this confusion.

    In any case, I don't think C is possible.
    "Road trips felt risky, so I would drive fast,stopping only when I had to. We would stick to the freeways and arrive tired."
    She took the freeways because she felt that driving on minor roads was more risky. It would take longer; they would have to stop over. Her children would be exposed to strangers, and she would face all the other dangers of a single mother alone with her kids. No, all of that is not explicitly said.

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