This is a descriptive essay about a desert. Can you please give me a suitable grade that I might get if this was an IGCSE exam? Thanks in advance.

The view of the desert was so beauteous and hypnotizing that for a second I forgot about the scorching heat that penetrated my skin. The sky above looked like strokes of water color, with patches of red and blue, and at some points they joint to form a shade of violet and purple. There were many dotted clouds above, and they looked like a cotton-collage in the sky. But it was the bright sun that was the most attractive. It looked like a gold plated sphere that was decorated with ruby stones, shining so brightly that it illuminated the sand underneath.
Just when I climbed the steep hill, I was aware of the panoramic view that caught my eyes. As I turned around I saw the huge ocean of ochre yellow sand that covered a radius of many kilometers. The sand dunes looked like the folds of a perfectly smooth silk cloth that wrapped the area around me. There were thousands of hills in every direction, and all of them stretched widely across the area, as if the land was affected with sand pox. That was when I realized that God was a very creative artist to paint this stunning, flawless and perfect painting of the desert landscape.
There was sand in front of me, behind me, on all sides and underneath me. Gazing at the distant view, different emotions filled my heart like unity, loneliness, perfection and silence. It awed me that this huge desert was formed when thousands of grains of sand united together. Every single grain of sand made the desert larger and larger, to form these huge heaps of sand. Yet it felt lonely, as there was a scarcity of visible life in the desert. There were only a few acacia trees, and their leaves were the only green bit in the desert. There many insects and reptiles around, but they were underneath the sand heaps. But the desert was perfect, with the smooth sand dunes blending with the setting sun. I couldn't see any rocks or boulders, and every area of the desert was smooth and undisturbed. It was silent, and the only sounds audible were that of the wind blowing the sand away, and that of the desert eagles chirping in the distance.
Far away, half of the sun had already sunken into a hill of sand. I could see a few caravans approaching a nearby oasis. The camels looked tired and dehydrated after a long day in the scorching desert without shade or water. As warm winds began to invite the arrival of night, I took one quick glance at the view below me and began to walk down the hill, feeling my feet sink in the searing sand. Walking towards the oasis, I could think of nothing but the feeling of cold water flowing through by throat and emptying my thirst into a feeling of satisfaction and fullness. All the energy in me was drained out and only the thought of water made my feet walk, taking one step at a time.