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    Smile Can someone please edit my letter of motivation for a phd application ??

    Your help is really appreciated... thanks a lot in advance...

    I am writing to apply for the position of PhD in epigenetics with Dr. SSS in your esteemed University. I respectfully submit this letter of motivation along with my transcripts and contact details of my referees, for I believe that my academics and experiences are well qualified to meet the needs of the project.

    I completed my Master’s degree in Developmental cell biology from University of XXX, UK with first class. This course was chosen owing to its inter-disciplinary modules with Genetics, Molecular biology and Neurobiology. As part of my curriculum I did my nine months projects under the supervision of Dr. R G on the topic ‘Spectral analysis of FRET by protein-protein interactions in drosophila salivary glands using fluorescent (confocal) microscopy’. Along with gaining excellent experience in imaging I also learned other cell and molecular biology techniques like culturing, dissection techniques, antibody and fluorescent staining techniques, crossing of strains of drosophila, gene knockout, etc. My aim was to get standard graphs of the FRET (fluorescent resonance energy transfer) occurring between two interacting bio-molecules that are part of biological pathways like NO, Wnt, etc. This can then be used as standard to study the changes occurring in these interactions in the presence of an external entity or drug. Along with my taught courses, this master’s degree gave me an opportunity to demonstrate my enhanced writing skills. My thesis did lead me to a lot of part-time scientific writing jobs after my course. I was fortunate enough to do my MSc from XXX as it gave me an international exposure and access to a lot of people’s research; inside and outside the University.

    Before my master’s, I did my bachelors degree in Biotechnology from PPP’s college, Mumbai University and passed with first class distinction; forming a part of the top five in the department. Although I did not have a project as part of my curriculum, I opted to do a project on ‘Irradiation as a better method of sterilizing packaged goods’ under the supervision of Dr. BBB, ex-scientific officer of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre at Trombay, India. This was a group project with three team members and we also presented our work at intra collegiate meet. I was so very well appreciated for this work that my own professor supported me whole heartedly to go ahead in my career with research work. I am grateful to her as she still guides me as she believes that I am a promising researcher.

    As you can see from my resume, after I finished my Master’s degree I continued working at the genome damage and stability centre of University of XXX. After my Master’s degree, I realised that even though I learnt the genomic techniques I didn’t have extensive experience in the same during my dissertation project. This is the reason why I requested one of the researchers in my university to allow me to take over one of his projects. I was guided by a post-doc student in that lab and commended me on my adaptability and quick approaches to different new techniques. This project involved analysing the effects of various novel proteins on the regulation of telomerase in yeasts. This job gave me experience for actually working on a project on my own as well as part of a team by collaborating with other departments.

    Once I finished this work unfortunately I had to take a break before I could pursue my career again because of my family issues. But since then I have started working towards it with extra vigour to make up for my lost time. This is the reason for me taking up a lectureship at undergraduate level. These past six months allowed me to regain and refresh all my basic knowledge as well as to catch up with the current developments in my field of interest.

    My interest had always been about the central dogma: DNA to RNA to protein and the innumerable regulatory mechanisms revolving around this. This is the reason for my interest in this particular vacancy for PhD in epigenetics involving investigation of effects of methylation and de-methylation on tumour development. My research about YYY University only reinstated my interest even more strongly as it is one of the fastest rising universities on international levels. But apart from the highly regarded reputation of the University and the easily adaptable city of NNN, the molecular biology and epigenetic research taking place in this institution fascinated me the most.

    I assure you that I will be a great addition to your University. In addition to my high academic records and international interdisciplinary experiences, what makes me the best candidate for this post is my immense passion for this subject. I am certain that given the opportunity I would love working on this project and will exceed your expectations.

    Thank you for considering my application and looking forward to receiving your acceptance.

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