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    The person i admired the most.

    The person i admired the most was my mother because she was strong,hardworking,selfless, and a devoted mother.
    She was a single mother.I was only 5 years old when my father abandoned us.She felt devastated but because of us , she became stronger woman mentally, physically and emotionally.She took care of us all by herself.I have 4 siblings and i had seen how hard it was for her to be the mother and father at the same time.
    She worked 2 jobs 7 days a week in order to provide our daily needs.
    She had to do house chores while taking care of us during the day and goes to work at night.I knew it wasn't easy on her to leave us night but she didn't have any choice.She had to make a living .Although she was so tired and exhausted in the morning when she came home from work,she still cooked food for breakfast and made sure we had eaten before we left for school.We were her priorities that's why she always made time for us when she's off from work like for instance,helping us with our school homeworks instead of taking a nap before she goes to work or taken us to recreational places during Saturday instead of getting herself some rest.As long as we were happy,that's all she cared about.
    For me,no doubt that she was the best mother and i will always treasure her memories.

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    Re: The person i admired the most.

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