Hello , I Need a mark out of 25 in the composition above

Content organisation 5 marks
Accuracy 5 marks
Range of vocabulary and structure 5 marks
Appropriacy of tone and register 5 marks
Task completion 5 marks

Topic : Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones (250-300 words)
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Nowadays, Mobile phones have become a big part in our life. We can use mobile phones
even if we need to make a phone call, but also we can use it to surf the internet. As we know,
mobile phones have many advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of mobile phones is that you can use it anywere and any time you want
even you are in the school and wou want to speak with your parents, event if you want to call
your friends in the afternoon. One major advantage of mobile phones, is that you can surf the internet
if the phone has the wireless connection ability. The most important advantage of it, is that you can use
it when you are in emergency and you don't know what to do.

On the other hand there are also disadvantages. The main disadvantage of mobile phones is that you need
to put credit's when you do not have and sometimes you do not understand that the credits are finished as a
result if you want to call in an emergency you can't. An additional disadvantage is the battery. Maybe you will forget to
charge the mobile and when you speak it can close. The most importand disadvantage of mobile phones is that they have radious
and radious affect the mind , as a result we have headaches and similar things.

In conclusion, i have to say that mobile phones are good and bad both. I Suggest that when we use the mobile phone
we don't have to use it for a lot of time.