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    adjetive "holyday-ish"


    I wanted to ask a question about what seems to be at least an uncommon adjective: reading an article about Wimbledon tennis tournament 2013 on The Guardian website I found an adjective "holiday-ish" ("Other tennis at times feels equally special, equally momentous, equally half-term holiday-ish. But only Wimbledon is Christmas."

    Would English native speakers see this as a standard expression? I didnīt find it in any available online dictionary (okay, I donīt know all of them, as a nonspecialist, of course), although I did find a couple of more occurrances of the word on the web, mostly in not particularly reliable sources (personal blogs etc.).

    Thanks for help

    PS: Sorry, two spelling mistakes in the thread title... and I, as a newbie, donīt know how to correct it Next time it will be better, I hope (using a preview)...
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    Re: adjetive "holyday-ish"

    In informal spech and writing you can add '-ish' to just about any noun or adjective. In your sentence it would be taken to have been added to 'half-term holiday' rather than just to 'holiday'.
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