I applied here due to me not being the very smart person and I'd like to ask for support on fixing my grammar and vocabulary. This is a Application for a game I'm going to apply at and I'd like it to be good with not making me look bad. Any help is fine. Thanks ^^

What is your name and age?

My name is Alex, I am currently 19 years old. 

What is Your Timezone?

Pacific Time Zone UTC-8. However I am able to be on most of the day with a few afk's.  


My IGN is Equinox.

Experience as a GM?

I never had been a GM for a server, however to start on this question I will have to begin at the beginning by saying that I owned/worked on my very own Private Server 

that was based off the version v117.1. However my server never did exactly start up due to lack of trusted staff and support. I am knowledgeable of most of the 

commands that goes within the server if it has not changed, I am also borderline to coding but not enough to code the goodies as I can mostly color words & other minor things. lol.   

How long have you played BoredMS? (If you do not meet the 3 week requirement I will give a rating of 0 and you will automatically get DENIED.)

I been playing BoredMS for about 3 months now as I been off and on during breaks and having to work. Taking care of my mother is also something that been keeping me preoccupied.   

Why Do You Like BoredMS? ("I like Luminous and Kaiser" will not be accepted)

I like BoredMS because its a very well accomplished server with many helpful and kind staff members along with the great community. My personal feelings towards the server is that this brings the degree of accomplishment to 100% for all the unique features and support. However, like most, Private Servers are generally too laid back to the point of any staff to assist you with a error or any kind of problem. furthermore It'd be a shame to leave the part of how up-to-date this server is especially of the current version. Going back to the uniqueness, it's very well done by all the hard work the staff puts into to bring all these famous features for all to use and enjoy.   

What would you do as a GM in BoredMS?

What I would do as a GM would do as any other GM would, catch hackers and help the community. Obviously catching hackers is a big rule as being a GM, ridding those who don't play by the rules. Anyone who hacks can cause a great deal of pain to the game as well as the economy and other key features. By being a GM I would also take my time to help the community with any kind of problem, weather it's technical or in-game related. By being a GM I dedicate my game time to help others have a great time on the server. I have played too much Maple to enjoy training and leveling as why I requested to be a GM to help others.  

Why do you think we should choose you?(What sticks out about you)

I believe I should be chosen due to my maturity and strong conviction to being able to help the community and in-game needs. I also have available time to help people in-game and also on the forums if any error or problems occur. I am decent in English and figuring out what foreigners try and say on the forums when they don't know much English. I tend to be a caring and kind person when it's towards those who do no disrespect, so overall, I am a nice person that likes to help and figure out problems between two players fighting or in-game technical errors. With that being said, I am alright in computer related questions and problems.   

How would you deal with potential fights between 2 players and/or staff members? (ONLY talk about 1 SCENARIO)

I will pick the option players, due to Staff members fighting is unacceptable and should not happen. To begin on the two players who undergone a fight, and I also am either called in to help or catched them arguing, I would start by asking what happened before the fight and what caused the fight. Here's two choices upon what the fight could be, Scammed or either KS'ing. To start, I will use player Luis as the newcomer, and player douche as the KS'er. 

1. Player Luis began getting Ks'd by player Douche.
2. Player Douche kept KS'ing after Player Luis told him to (Change Channels). 
3. Player Luis called for a GM and GM(me) came to check out the situation. 
4. Player Luis explained to the GM(Me) that player Douche came in his channel and killed his monsters and continued to do so. 
5. Player douche denied his claim and told GM(Me) that the newbie went and KS'd him. 
6. GM(Me) thought it through and came to a conclusion to give them both a chance due to no proof, and told them to change channels and not be in the same channel together. 
7. Player Luis and Player Douche changed channels, this will likely bring the problem to a stop, although if not I will look more thorough in this case and bring it to a stop.    

Will you quit if we decline your application?

I would likely not quit BoredMS if I am declined to be positioned as a GM. As stated above, this server is unique in it's own ways and quitting it would be quitting any Private Server. I love the up-to-date features. 

Can you Code/GFX/VFX?

Code: I can code decently, coloring the wordings and also adding in items Example: NPC gives GM hat, I can change it so the NPC gives NX, Mesos, or either another item. I also can put a picture as the Item. An example to that would be instead of saying "GM Hat" it can have the picture of the hat. Anything else about coding would likely be a learning process. 

GFX: No I can't GFX, although I do have photoshop and I could learn if I had a guide or looked up how to. 

VFX: I honestly don't know what this is, so most likely no lol. 

Tell Us About yourself.

My name is William Alexander. (Last name is my step fathers), I formally go by the name "Alex". I am Caucasian and very little German. I live in California but lived my childhood days in Washington. I only speak English although I can never learn Spanish when I live by Hispanics and have friends who are Hispanic. I guess I am slow at learning new languages. I finished High School and obtained my diploma. I never went to Collage although I plan on to soon or go to ITT Tech and apply there in my future when I get enough money. 

To begin telling you about myself, I will start by explaining what I said above. I am a nice person in general and tend to not get too mad over things unless those "things" are people breaking the rules or causing a uproar or also arguing with staff/members by calling them names. I will also dislike those who talk behind people's backs for unknown reasons. Besides the fact of that I am nice, I am genuine to computer related problems or questions. This is due to myself learning and also the big part with fixing the problems myself. I always have a problem with my own computer due to the time of having it and breaking down on me. So I can be a big help to those who need help with computer problems, as my family says, I should go to ITT Tech. To talk more about myself, I am a semi-gamer, not a hardcore gamer that collects old school games and collects old consoles. I am more of a high quality type of person who likes games that has good graphics and that is playable. An example would be battlefield 3/4 and Blade&Soul (Can't wait for that). I play maple due to me being bored and also because I kind of like the aspects of Maple. I began playing MapleStory couple years ago when I was 15 or so with my friends. I suppose that's enough of myself, and to know more about me would also be talking to me and getting to know me. =). 

I hope you enjoyed reading my Application, I hope to be accepted, although if I am not accepted I will gladly still be here and play and be part of the community. 

Perhaps even try again in the future.