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    Question What is a 'bitch slap'?


    What is a 'bitch slap'? I have seen it in message board
    postings on yahoo news. I understand
    'a slap in the face', but not 'bitch slap'.


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    Re: What is a 'bitch slap'?

    Bitch Slap. The term "bitch slap" is derived from African American Vernacular ...

    Try here:

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    Question Re: What is a 'bitch slap'?

    Thank you Casiopea for the reference. I appreciate it.
    BTW, can African American Vernacular be considered the same as, or
    the basis for/of Ebonix?

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    Re: What is a 'bitch slap'?

    It's another name for Ebonics- academics tend to use the term African American Vernacular (English).

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