Hello again!

I am trying to pick the best date to sign up for my CELTA course. I am open to teaching in several locations but am leaning to China, Taiwan, or South Korea. Although I realize most of these places hire year round, I believe the peak hiring seasons are a few months before each semester starts, so that would be around February/March in most of these places.

However, processing all of the paperwork can take up to 4 months, I've heard. I was going to take my CELTA course at the end of November (2013) or in January.

Do you think I can begin trying to find/apply to jobs before the course so I can begin to get my visa and everything? Will this put me at a disadvantage, since I won't actually have gone through the CELTA at the time I apply? Do you think taking the CELTA in November or January, and then applying to jobs abroad will give me enough time?

Let me know what you think!

Lori :D