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    learn (how) to persuade or learn skills to persuade

    Thank you always for your expertise!
    I'm curious about whether 'learn skills to persuade other people' can be used as an alternative to 'learn how to persuade other people'? In other words, whether that expression is grammatically correct or not? If not, what words should be added before or after the 'skills' to make it grammatical?

    The context is as follows:
    On the contrary, creative ideas are usually viewed with suspicion and distrust. Thus students need to learn how to persuade other people of the value of their ideas.

    I looked up the word 'learn' in the dictionary, and my Longman dictionary doesn't carry the specific example.
    I am also curious about whether the expression 'learn skills to persuade ...' is authentic and naturally used.

    Thank you!

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    Re: learn (how) to persuade or learn skills to persuade

    They both sound good to me.

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