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    What does "shot up" mean here?

    Dear teachers,
    Please read the following extract:
    “At least put something warm on,Mr. Boker,”advised Tessie.

      “I'm almost finished.” Morris grunted.
      “It’s your health,”said Nick.
      The first floor window shot up. Ida stood there in her flannel nightgown.
      “Are you crazy?”She shouted.
      “Finished,”he answered.
      “Come up now,”Ida shouted.
      “Finished,”Morris Cried…
      ――Bernard Malamud,The Assistant
    I can't understand the phrase "shoot up" here. When a window shoots up, what happens? Is it opened like ordinary windows? Or is it opened by moving a sliding glaze from the bottom to the upside. I am from China and I am not familiar with western buildings. so pleas help me !

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    Re: What does "shot up" mean here?

    not a teacher

    This is probably referring to what is often called a "hung window".
    Here's an illustration.

    As you can see, the bottom half of the window is opened by lifting it upwards. In a "single hung window" only one half of the window will open, in a "double hung window", both the top and bottom halves can be opened.
    By saying the window "shot up", the writer means that it opened very rapidly, suddenly.

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    Re: What does "shot up" mean here?

    I think the writer is used the term "shot up" (moved as fast as the shot from a gun) to emphasize that Ida was very angry so she slid the window upward with more force than was necessary.

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