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    He could have made what was already an uncomfortable situation worse,_but he chose a different way and gave us a 19 to believe that there is still_kindness_in this world. I will never_forget_his actions.

    A. chance B. reason C. possibility

    The answer given is "reason". Is it right?

    As far as I can look up in a dictionary, reason is uncountable as follows.

    [uncountable] a fact that makes it right or fair for someone to do something

    We have reason to believe that the goods were stolen.

    So what does a native teacher think of it?

    Thanks for helping me out!


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    Re: reason

    "To have reason to believe something" is different from "to give someone a reason to believe".

    The answer in the test question is correct, "... he chose a different way and gave us a reason to believe ...". The reason that it's "a reason", in my opinion, is that it was his one action which caused "us" to believe that there is still kindness in this world. His action was the reason.
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