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    Post "I'll be Anton the Man" from The Good Doctor (play)

    Hi. I'm a ESL student.
    This is the ending part of a scene of a play, The Arrangement in The Good Doctor written by Neil Simon.

    BOY Are there any "instructions" you want to give me?
    FATHER Thatís what Iím paying her good money for. The questions you ask . . . Go on, boy ── before I have to pay her overtime.
    BOY Yes, Father . . . I'm going, I'm going . . . (He stops)
    FATHER What is it now?
    BOY It's funny, but when I come down those stairs and out into the street . . . I won't be your little Antosha any more . . . I'll be Anton the Man. Thank you, Father. Well, goodbye. (He gets to the door)
    FATHER Wait! (Anton stops) Wait ── Antosha!
    BOY What is it, Father?
    FATHER I was just thinking . . . Wouldn't you rather have a nice umbrella? . . . There's plenty of time next year to become a man . . . Plenty of time next year . . .
    BOY If you wish, Poppa. Yes, Poppa.
    (The FATHER puts his arm around his son's shoulder, and they turn and walk off into the night . . . Music plays as the the stage dims out)

    I want to know the meaning of 'the man' used in the sentence "I'll be Anton the Man."
    That is, I wonder whether the son is using the word 'the man' to praise himself for the experience he'll have or to mean simply an adult male.
    In my opinion, considering his original name is used, he is not loath to intercourse with a woman, but rather wants to be in confident mood and feels proud of himself.
    I would appreciate it if you give me some idea of the above question and which tone is used in his speech.
    Thank you very much.

    to download the full script
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