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    i want to make it past tense . how ?

    1. Sieve the sample through I.S sieves specified in table. A minimum of 200 pieces aggregates of each fraction is taken and weight
    2. Each fraction is thus gauged individually for length gauge. The gauge length is used be those specified in the table for the appropriate material.
    3. The pieces of aggregates from each fraction tasted which could not pass through the specified length with its long side are elongated particles and they are collected separately to find the total weight aggregate retained on the length gauge from each fraction
    4. The total amount of elongated material retained by the length gauge is weighed to an accuracy of at least 0.1%of weight of the test sample

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    Re: Procedure

    Welcome, fasehaw.

    Quote Originally Posted by fasehaw View Post
    I want to make it past tense. How?
    More to the point as far as we are concerned: WHY?

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