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    located - verb or adjective

    I'm confused about 'located.' Is it an adjective or verb in this sentence?
    The school is located on Main Street.
    Is this a passive sentence?

  2. matilda

    Talking Re: located - verb or adjective

    Dear anonymous

    First of all, your sentence is passive. because THE SCHOOL is not alive and it itself can not go somewhere to stay there and choose that place as its location. So your sentence is Passive.
    but in my oppinion, located is verb. when ever you want to understand if a word ids verb or adjective, use this method.
    for example , ask your self if ( locate) is an adjective for ( school) or not. of corse ( lacate ) is not an adjective for school , but if we want to think about it as a verb , it will come true. if we omit the two words ( is located ) and replace it by ( Is ) or ( places) , there will be no problem with the sentence. so, is+located have only one function, both of them with each other. they are used as a verb phrase.
    send me a private message if you are not satisfied yet.

    Hope that helps


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    Re: located - verb or adjective

    It's not always easy to classify words. Sometimes you can look at a sentence two or three different ways, but that doesn't mean that one way is correct.

    I would go for "verb". The sentence can be passive; an active sentence would be: "One locates the school on Main Street".

    In real life, nobody would ever say that. But there are other situations where the active form is possible, and even preferred. For example, "Astronomers have located the asteroid about a million miles from earth." That means that astronomers have discovered where the asteroid is.

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