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    Sentences with phrasal verbs

    I did an exercises about phrasal verbs used in business English...I'd like you to confirm if I have used the correct ones in the sentences below:
    1) Business was so bad they had to close down two factories.
    2) I put forward my proposal at the meeting but it was rejected.
    3) Next year we intend to bring out several new products but for the moment being were still testing them.
    4) Decisions would no longer be made locally if a big multi-national takes over our company.
    5) It was finally decided that the scheme should go ahead but with a few changes.
    6) It took hard work to build up this company from nothing to what it is today.
    7) Until we get some new orders we'll have to cut back production.
    8) Before I come to a decision, I'll have to think over their offer very carefully.

    Just a question about 7, is "cut back" correct or "cut back on" could be ok too?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Sentences with phrasal verbs

    Yes, they're all correct, and yes, you can use "cut back on".

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