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    Talking 62-boyish

    Dear all


    Before, I heard that when a girl behaves like a boy, she is called as if she is BOYISH. So, what do we call a boy who behaves like girls?
    Another question. What shall I name a man who behaves like men more than other men? That means his manner of behaving is completely like men and he tries to do whatever people know as a man's character. Can I use manly? I'm really confused with it. Hope you help

    Thanks a million


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    Re: 62-boyish

    You could use "girly", but that's very negative. "Effeminate" also describes a man who acts like a woman, but this is also quite negative: it usually implies the man is gay. For a more positive expression, you have to use a much longer phrase: "He's in touch with his feminine side", or the now slightly old-fashioned "He's a new man" (but that can be misunderstood to mean he has changed a lot recently). There is a newer word: "Metrosexual" describes a man who has a feminine side and is not afraid to show it, although the word also implies a few other things as well, so it might not be a good choice.

    As for your other question: "Manly" is usually quite positive. For a more negative word, you can use "macho". That describes a man who tries to be a really manly man -- strong, handsome, big muscles, aggressive and so on -- but makes himself look ridiculous.

    Overheard on a bus: "I don't like really macho men. You know -- you Tarzan, migraine." (A pun on the line "You Tarzan, me Jane" from the old Tarzan movies.) Tarzan himself may have been very manly, but someone who tries to act like Tarzan would be described as "macho".


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