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    backing instrument


    I would like to ask a question about the expression backing instrument as opposed to the (probably much more common) term leading instrument. I found this in the Wikipedia article about the lead instrument - and it occurs at times on the web, but rather on some private pages, in blogs et cetera (according to my really cursory Google search at least).

    Is it a technical term in English music terminology? Could somebody tell me more about the topic?

    Thanks for information


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    Re: backing instrument

    (Not a Teacher)

    While the terms make sense, I don't think I've heard them used before. Most of the band usually plays harmony, while only one or two groups, or perhaps a soloist, will be playing melody. However, I can't think of a specific term for folks who play harmony and those who play melody. I think if you were to say "lead instrument", musicians would think of the top player in a section. I don't know about "backing instrument". Some artists do hire what's known as a backup band (a group of professional musicians) to record with them on an album or play behind them for a concert.
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    Re: backing instrument

    'Lead vocals', 'lead guitar' etc. In 'Leading tenor Andrea Bocelli' the 'leading' refers to something other than the musical arrangement.

    I have heard (and used) 'backing vocals','backing instrument' etc. (I wouldn't say 'backing guitar' - because I think it's too good for that - but that's because I'm a guitarist. The noun 'backing' is fine; in his first album, Leonard Cohen played the backing on guitar.)


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