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    Petition to my university

    Dear sir/madam,
    i'm french educated and I need your help writing a petition to my university.
    I got 26% financial aid from my university and my father's job (army) gives me about 70% of the remaining amount.
    I want to pay the rest of my fees in instalments of 12% per month until I get my father's job's aid in april of each year (the procedure will happen during the three following years).

    I need your help to write this letter, including all the information above. I'm facing difficulties to write it because emglish is not my forst language, however it is my university's language. I also have to mention my major, which is nutrition and dietetics.

    Thank you so much for your help. I'm waiting for your reply.
    Sincerly, Lara Jamal.

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    Re: Petition to my university

    Welcome to the forums, Lara.

    Sorry, but we don't write letters for people.

    You can get some help in setting out a formal letter by clicking on Resources near the top of the page and then Letter Writing.

    When you have written your letter, you can post it in the Letter Writing forum (click on the underlined link) and someone may have time to look over it for you.


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