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    Question Please check my essay

    Is there anyone who can help me to correct my essay? If the full mark is 15, how much can I get? Here is my essay as follows:
    Find Meaning in Life
    What is the meaning in life? Perhaps that is the most difficult question in the world that even experts can't give answer to. Regardless of what the answer is, man have been going after it without stopping. Someone even commites suicide just because he is tired of finding meaning in life.
    Different people have different meaning in life,which leads to various way of life and differnt kinds of people.They talk and act in different way.This is why different people have their own views on the same thing.
    Without doubt,man won't stop pursueing meaning in life even if they know they can't get the answer forever.

    Thank you!

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    Re: Please check my essay

    can't- cannot
    man have been- has
    Someone even commites- Some even commit
    because he is tired of finding meaning in life- they are tired of not finding/trying to find????
    different meaning- plural
    different way- ways
    pursueing- pursuing
    they- the subject is 'man'

    As a general comment- if there are 15 marks, isn't this a little short? Are there any guidelines about how long it is supposed to be?

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    Re: Please check my essay

    Thank you for your correction. The essay is supposed to be at least 120 words.

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