• Delivering the item to a customer

I read the following in a TOEIC book:

“Questions 168~171 refer to the following letter.

June 4
Local Manager
Riverside Store #134
Amarillo, TX 791011

Dear Local Manager,

I would like to show my sincere appreciation for the remarkable customer service of your employee. Mr. Lee, one of employees working at Riverside Store, helped me a great deal. On May 22nd, I was hoping to purchase a laptop computer that was on sale, but I could not find the item. When I approached Mr. Lee at the customer service counter for help, he checked for the laptop computer both on the display and in the warehouse just to see if there were any left. When he found nothing was available, he not only ordered it but also kindly completed the form to request the item be reserved for me. I then continued to shop elsewhere in the store.
Mr. Lee later tracked me down to inform me that he had found the computer that I wanted in the incoming delivery list. He even offered to bring it up to the cashier so that I could continue to shop. I was very impressed by Mr. Lee’s willingness to help.
I hope that you will recognize Mr. Lee for his excellent work. He was extremely kind and helpful to me, and I am sure that he helps out a lot of customers every day.

Best Regards,
Marc Clinton
198 Road Drive
Amarillo TX 79119

171. What action was NOT taken by Mr. Lee?
(A) Delivering the item to a customer
(B) Looking for an item
(C) Contacting Mr. Clinton
(D) Ordering an additional item”
((PAGODA TOEIC 1000 questions, Reading Comprehension, Test 5))

I think BOTH A and D are the actions that were not taken by Mr. Lee.
The reason why A is the correct answer:
- Mr. Lee didn't deliver the item to the customer. He just ARRANGED for the cashier to give the item to the customer.
The reason why D is the correct answer:
- Mr. Lee didn’t order an ‘additional’ item to the customer. There is no mention of other orders.
What do you think? Do you agree with me?
Which one/ones do you think is/are correct?
Thanks in advance.