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    Lightbulb Innovative Productive Work

    Can anyone suggest some innovative productive work which makes the text interesting for the students???? (of english for example)?

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    Re: Innovative Productive Work

    Doesn't it depend very much on the students- I teach English for acadmic purposes, so the texts tend to be highly specialised and relevant to their needs. What sort of students do you have in mind?

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    Re: Innovative Productive Work

    It's essential that you conduct a Learner's Needs Analysis (which should at least include 'language level' and 'personal interest') before you can effectively select appropriate reading materials for your students.


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    Re: Innovative Productive Work

    What kind of students? What age are they? What level is their English? Why are they studying English? Are they studying of their own free will (this makes a huge difference)? How big is the group? What do you feel is wrong with the texts they are studying? What sort of texts are they?

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