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  1. pamir

    couldn't care any less

    Hi, Red5, Talktown and tdol,

    Many thanks for your previous explanations to my questions!
    I just joined this forum yesterday and found it very valuable. I have lots of questions on English language. I will keep posting them and I thank you all in advance for every reply you offer.

    I am now reading "American Beauty" script, lots of baffling phrases and words come up as I read. Now I have the following one, does it mean
    "you don't care, do you?"

    - "You couldn't possibly care any less, could you? "


  2. Anonymous
    "You couldn't possibly care any less, could you? "

    You don't care. It's impossible for you to not care any more or less.

    It's saying you don't care, but in a very strong way.

    The speaker could be expressing some frustration here as well.

  3. Anonymous

    To gain a better understanding, here are a couple of examples from the Cambridge Dictionaries Online of the phrase "couldn't care less".

    If someone "couldn't care less" about something, then that means it is of no concern to that person. It doesn't matter at all.

    Similarly, we could also say: "That doesn't bother you in the least, does it?" = It doesn't bother you at all. - not even a little bit

    "He's not bothered by that in the least." - He is not worried about it. It is of no concern to him.

    similar - "He couldn't care less." That does not bother, worry or upset him.

  4. pamir


    Thanks TALKtown!

    You really offered me a great help. I have been confused by this phrase for a long time, I asked a native speaker once, but I could not understand his explanation.

    The Cambridge Dictionary website you gave is excellent! I can now
    search the dictionary first, if it cannot help, I will come here to ask
    you teachers.

    Thanks again!

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