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    vile institutions

    Could you please help me with the comprehension of the following sentences. The title of the reading was 'Names that live in infamy; killers want notoriety. Let's not give it to them'.

    Not only has fame itself been made sacred but films and novels feed a culture of resentment by extolling the image of romantic loners battling vile institutions.

    Does it mean 'fame is regarded as a worthy value among people. Moreover, books and films that show some heart-broken people who are against unpleasant ideas and communities make people hate infamy'.

    1. I didn't get what 'vile institutions' can mean.
    2. What can be the connection of 'romantic loners' and 'fame' or 'infamy'?

    Thanks a lot.
    Being a non-native teacher, I'm so thrilled being in such a superb forum.

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    Re: vile institutions

    Institutions are things like governments, police forces, law courts, prisons and so forth; in other words centres of power. Vile you can look up in a dictionary. Socially isolated and possibly sociopathic people sometimes work against such social institutions. And sometimes films are made or essays written that try to create empathy for such people. To the extent that they succeed in doing so they make the empathizing viewer or reader feel resentment against the institutions.

    The current cover of Rolling Stone featuring Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is a good case in point. See for example
    Rolling Stone slammed over Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover before magazine even hits the shelves | National Post

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