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    Informative Essays

    I have to write an informative essay for ENG 101. I'm still a little fuzzy on how to do it. The theses confuses me. I plan to use an introduction asking questions. Ex: "Have you ever wondered what's on the other side of a rainbow?" But, since I can't find any information about that I have to switch topics... Unfortunately, I'm braindead. I have to think of something spontaneous, or something common and tell some interesting things about it. Well, can anyone supply me with some important rules and some regulations of a strong informative essays? I know I can't be bias, examples are nice, and citations of quotes work great. There's so many things in the world that I could write about, but if I pick something I want to make sure I can actually write about it for an informative essay. Can someone help?

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    Re: Informative Essays

    I think the problem is the topic- there's either a mythical pot of gold or not at the end of a rainbow, unless you go into the phsics of rainbows. You've got the general idea of ht it should contain, so it's just a question of topic. Grab a topic that you know something about and can inform the reader and go. The longer you spend thinkig of the topic, the more time you are burning getting nowhere. What are you interested in? Take something that you are genuinely interested in.

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