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    Making an exercise


    could you tell me if the following exchanges of phrases sound natural? (I am going to use them as a phonetic exercise for my students)

    1) Joseph works so hard… - He has a family(!)
    2) Emma is Joe’s younger sister, isn’t she? - She is his elder(!) sister.

    3) As far as I remember, Jack lives in a house. - He lives in a flat(!).
    4) I don’t think he has a family. - He has a big(!) family.
    5) I want to ask her out on a date tomorrow. - She has plans (!).
    6) .....................................???? - She has many(!) plans.
    7) Tom's flat is very spaceous. - He lives in a little(!) flat.
    8) I think this girl is Ben's new girlfriend. - She is his sister(!).

    I have put an exclamation mark (!) to show that the sentence is pronouced emphatically with a tonic stress on the word with (!).
    Could you think of some suitable sentence in 6)?
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