Hi teacher,

I would like to ask a question on how should I expand the ear span when practicing interpreting, as follows:

e.g. The 23-year-old British farmer and her 21-year-old brother Ben are fighting to save the farm from developers- the farm that their father worked on since he was 14.

The purpose of my training was to understand and memorize the key points of the whole sentence after I listened the sentence for only once. But I think my ear span is not as what I just thought it supposed to be, actually I think it is small, the reason for which is that when I listened for the first time, I cut the whole sentence into several parts--- 23, British,farmer, brother, save farm, father, 14, although I almost understood the whole sentence when I first listened, I didn't remember the former part when I listened the latter part. The same is true for the following example, can you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance!

example: A month-long exhibition is to open on Sunday at the National Museum to celebrate efforts to protect the country's cultural legacy.
I found when there are numbers, names, and places etc occuring at the same time, it is very difficult for me to understand in one ear span.