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    Post Kind of Noun and description of every kind

    Sallam Dear Teacher,

    I hope you will be fine and doing well just i have a question about a Noun, what is noun and how kinds of Noun we have if you can describe every kind.

    why i am asking this question because someone asked me at this morning about " Family " that can we use s or es in simple present tense with family.

    so there for i come to you to ask you.

    Best regards

    Abdul Wali Zazai
    International committee of red cross
    Khost Afghanistan

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    Re: Kind of Noun and description of every kind

    Welcome to the forum. (Always capitalise 'I'.)

    Here's a simple definition of the word 'noun':

    noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place, thing, and abstract idea. Nouns are usually the first words which small children learn.

    The highlighted words in the following
    sentences are all nouns:

    Late last year our neighbours bought a goat.
    Portia White was an opera singer.
    The bus inspector looked at all the passengers' passes.
    According to Plutarch, the library at Alexandria was destroyed in 48 B.C.
    Philosophy is of little comfort to the starving.


    * * *

    Q.- Is 'family' singular or plural?

    A.- It depends on whether you are talking about the group as a whole or separate individuals within that group.

    "My family lives in Baltonsborough." The family as a single unit, all the members living under one roof.

    "My family live in towns all over south-west England." The family as a group of individuals, each individual living a separate life in a different town.


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