Good day. My name is Julia, I'm from Ukraine. I'm keep training to improove my english, that's why i'm trying to translate some texts. I'm just wondering if i'm dooing well. Thanx in advance for your kind help.

(Cry).(Sound of backwinding). (Terrible knocking and roar, followed immediately by a frightened whisper.) My God, what's going on, what's happening?! (Cry). (Sound of backwinding). If someone listens to this recording, drop everything and run out of the house! Only horror and death are waiting you here! My husband went down to the basement to turn the electricity on 2 days ago. And then therefrom rang out such terrible sounds, and then he shouted, long and as awful as if he had seen death itself. (Cry). (Sound of backwinding) That creature that got Jimmy still behind the door of my room, I'm afraid to get out from under the table... (sounds of backwinding). (the sound of blows at the door and roaring). It soon gonna break to me, be aware this house is one big trap, I just realized that there was no second cousin's uncle, that I never had him, but it was too late.. (sound of the broken door, girl’s scream). Hissing.