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    Wink Past and Present

    Hi there,

    i have few question to ask.. the 1st question is
    1) it is possible when we use present tense combine with past tense?

    2) Understand and understood.
    if i use " i understand what he say" mean now i understand? is it a present tense sentence? if so, it refer to repeated action or true in general?

    "i understood what he said". It refer to past.. But now i still understand or not?


    Warmest Regards,


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    Re: Past and Present

    The simple present expresses a statement of fact:
    Teacher: Max, do you understand?
    Max: Yes. I understand.

    The simple past expresses an event that happened before now:
    Teacher: Max, did you understand the explanation I gave two minutes ago?
    Max: Yes. I understood it then, and I still understand it now.

    Hope that helps.

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