Hello everyone.

It is not my homework. I try to write a letter in English, because in the exam I will have this exercise, therefore I want to improve my writing skills and etc. I do not have a teacher who could check it instead of you, so I put it here.

You have 20 minute to do this task.
you have received a letter from your friend who writes:

Dear Andrew,
I really need your advice. The problem is my relationships with the classmates. You know I don't smoke and they say I'm still a baby. That's not true! I don't want to smoke. It's my personal style, I think smoking is dangerous for my health.
What do you think on the problem? How can I persuade them?


my letter is:

Dear Sasha,
Thanks for your letter. It was great to hear from you. In your letter you asked my advice about your relationship's problem, therefore I am writing it.
So, I think if they do not want to be friend with you, because you do not smoke, I really believe that you do not need them. You can find another friends without bad habits. Do not get upset! On my opinion, do not try to persuade them, because it is useless process.
And at the ending of my letter I would ask you some question: Do you like practise a sport for improve your health? How are your family? Tell me more about it.

Write Soon.
Your sincerely,

*Write a letter to Sasha. in your letter express your opinion and advise him what to do.
** Write 100-150 words.

Please read it attentively and show my mistakes. Maybe I need to expend my vocabluary, because the letter seems poor or improve my grammar. Maybe the letter seems unnatural. Show me each strange moment at the text.
I will be grateful if you help me with this exercise. I think I will put others my letters here, because I want to have a very good result.

And I repeat: it is NOT my homework.

Thanks in advance.