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    hi there,

    without be verb it can form -ing. For an example.
    "You can be rich by using..."

    could you explain why it can be like that, please?
    besides "by" any word can be form -ing without be verb?


    Warmest Regards,


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    Re: By

    EX: . . . by using . . .

    In that context "by" means, through the action of. It's a preposition, and prepositions require an object. "using" is its object. It's a noun, not a verb. A noun that ends in -ing is called a gerund. It looks a verb, but it's not. Here are a few examples of gerunds:

    Swimming is fun. <subject>
    I like climbing mountains. <object of the verb "like">
    One of my hobbies is using the computer. <complement>
    I'm reading a book on writing. <object of the preposition "on">

    Since gerunds are nouns, they can do everything a noun can do. That is, they function as a subject, as the object of a verb, and as the object of a preposition.

    Hope that helps.


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