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Thread: got punk'd?

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    got punk'd?

    I know the content of the programme "got punk'd" (similar to gottcha); but I can't figure out the word "punk'd". Has it got something to do with the punks or punk music? If so, how? Or is there antoher meaning of punked?

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    Re: got punk'd?

    context and source: : 'You've just been punked!' (Ashton Kutcher, host of Punk'd, MTV, October 5th, 2003)

    Apparent meaning: To play a practical joke on someone, to fool a person

    Type of word formation: Metonymy

    Dictionary entry: Punk v. To prank, fool, play a practical joke that usually results in some form of humiliation. [Metonymic formation from the original neologism 'punk']


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    Re: got punk'd?

    thank you very much casiopea. and the link is great. wow, like a treasure

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    Re: got punk'd?


    The above answer is correct in it’s more popular usage (thanks to Mtv). However, you have to remember that cut-n-paste answers from sources like University sites and people who lack certain life experiences, you are not getting the full answer.

    Understand that the above answer is correct, but there are heavier meanings. I will teach you some now.

    Please stop reading now if you do not want to be exposed to strong language and situations.

    Punk’d is the verb form of punk.

    Punk is a prison term: Meaning to be someone’s “bitch” (another prison term). Having sexual relations with the same sex inside the prison.

    Punk’d: To be raped while in prison. Example: “ Your going to get punk’d new fish!” This means new inmates are going to get raped by the other inmates.

    I apologize if this is too graphic for this site or the people who read this. I thought it would be important because if you use the word in the wrong place with the wrong people, you might find yourself in a situation you do not want to be in. A bar/pub for example and someone over hears you. Or you are mad at someone and call them this name.

    The term punk’d has lost a lot of its serious meaning because of being used in the mainstream, but still holds a very strong and offensive meaning for others. You have to remember, like people on the internet, Mtv is protected behind a screen and can get away with certain usage's of words without any repercussions.

    When using this word safely, use it with your friends or people you feel comfortable with.

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    Re: got punk'd?

    hi blax,
    somehow I did not see your reply till today. (guess there are too many etries and our replies fall back to the earlier pages.) anyway, thank you for your further explanation on the term. yes, Mtv uses it without hesitation. I'm not an Mtv fan. Their slogan "just see Mtv" is enough to depict their philosophy. anyway, I guess one must pay more attention when using terms like this one. and I'm sure I'm not gonna use it among friends or family. cheers


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