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    Question Future Will or Going to


    In this sentence:

    "They say this winter__________(be) much colder than last week"

    I need to use "This winter will be much colder.."

    Or I supposed to write"this winter is going to be much colder.."

    Please help me.


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    Re: Future Will or Going to

    It's possible to use either here, but "will be" is probably the better choice.

    "This winter will be much colder" is a prediction. "This winter is going to be much colder" implies that the winter is very near, or even already started, and already it's very cold. "Going to" is usually used when the process has already started or is very close to starting.

    In many cases, including this one, you could use either. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

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    Re: Future Will or Going to

    I have onther sentece, tell me if i need to use will or going to:
    "It's really hot in here.I___________put on the air-conditioning."

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    Re: Future Will or Going to

    In addition, if your decision to do something is planned; i.e., your decision, say, to close the window was made before you spoke, then use "going to" (for a planned event), and if your decision to close the window is spontaneous, say, it starts to rain quite hard, so you decide then and there to close the window; i.e., your decision is made now, at the time of the speaking event, then use "will".

    EX: I'm going to open the window. <planned event>
    EX: I will open the window. <spontaneous event>

    In some situations, using "going to" is a polite way of asking permission. For example, Max and Sam are studying in the living room, where it's hot and humid. Max decides to open the window, but before doing so, considers/ thinks about how Sam would feel. Max says, "I'm going to open the window" meaning, I'm planning on opening the window, Sam, so if you object, please say so.

    Here's a dialogue:

    Max: What are you doing this afternoon?
    Pat: I'm going to study with Sam. <planned event>
    Max: Sam's in the hospital. Didn't you know?
    Pat: How terrible! I will call Sam's parents right away. <spontaneous event>

    Hope that helps.

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