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    Please help my with my gramma..

    Could really need some help with my gramma mistakes.. just the most obvious.. Thank you in anticipation..

    I have recently read the article “Over 60 and overlooked” in The Economist, and it convinced me that we in the future most concentrate on the elderly people as a target group. Furthermore we have in recent years experienced a great demand for tailor-made travels, which particularly is from the elderly customers.

    In industrialised countries, the over-60s account for 20 % of the population today, which is an increase compared to the 1950s where it was less than 12 %. The tendency is going up and by 2050 the proportion is expected to rise, on average, to a third. The up going tendency is due to medical advances and healthier living, which make it possible for the elderly to remain active longer after their retiring.

    The elderly are not just getting older they have also a financial comfort. According to the United States Census Bureau, the poverty rate among Americans over 65 is falling. In 1960 it was on 35% but have now dropped to 10.2%. It is big change compared with a fall from 22% to 11.3% for the population as a whole. Most of the over 50 own their own houses and they account for half of all spending power in developed countries. So the elderly have money to spend which they do.

    In the next few decades the large generation born on the 1950s and 1960 will grow old. It’s a generation with a different attitude to age and they are determinated to enjoy themselves. Consumption by the over 50s has over the past two decades increased three times as fast as that by the rest of the population.

    To penetrate to the elderly people it would be a good idea to segment them according to their stages in their life. For examples do the interest depend on weather they are alone or have grandchildren. Furthermore it is important to take their health situation into condition. In Peregor-Travel we should therefore offer the elderly tailor-made travels direct to their life situation. It could be packages for older travellers and their grandchildren or travels for single people over a certain age.

    An obvious way to get in contact with the older people is through Television. The over 50s make up the largest share of TV audiences. They spend 30-40 % more time in front of the screen than the rest of the public. But it isn’t unimportant how the commercials are made. There is no reason to characterize the elderly as something they not are. A picture of an older man building a sand pit with his grandchild is much better than pictures him learning the same child surfing.

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    Re: Please help my with my gramma..

    that we in the future- that, in the future, we
    most concentrate- must
    Furthermore- comma
    travels- holidays?
    which particularly is from- delete 'which is'
    20 %- 20%
    up going- hyphenate
    after their retiring- after bretiring
    getting older they have also- older, they also have
    a financial comfort- good/sound finances?
    was on 35%- was 35%
    have now dropped- has
    over 50- over 50s
    spend which they do- spend, which they do
    the large generation- the baby boom gerneration
    on the 1950s- in
    To penetrate- You could penetrate the market, but not the people in my opinion
    do the interest depend on weather they are alone or have grandchildren- their interests? Also, this needs some punctuation to separate it
    direct to their life situation- appropriate to?
    But it isn’t unimportant- 'But' doesn't work here for me
    they not are- word order
    pictures him learning- preposition missing and wrong word

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    Re: Please help my with my gramma..

    thank you very much..

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