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Thread: "Stuffed Crest"

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    Cool "Stuffed Crest"

    I've been actually doing a lot of effort to try to get the meaning of these two words , and I'll have to handle a research in english next week with some meanings of such words in english. "Stuffed Crest" was one of the sentences I could not get any help from my native speakers e-pals. If there is anyone there to help me, I would be very glad.

    NandoAR- Brazil

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    Re: "Stuffed Crest"

    You sure you mean stuffed crest and not stuffed crust?

    The only thing I can think of that would mean stuffed crest might be in relation to those funny hats you see (like jesters etc) A crest being plumage or feathers on a ceremonial hat, or in referring to a cockrell which has a crest.

    Stuffed crust on the other hand is a type of pizza!!

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    Thumbs up Re: "Stuffed Crest"

    You must be right .. I was thinking about it but I was not sure. I just don't understand why my english teacher is asking us to look for the meaning of these words, since we are not going to use it in the future ( I've been attending English Translator course). thanksss


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